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Ben Harper – Childhood Home

Artist: Ben Harper
Album: Childhood Home
Genres: Folk rock, blues rock, alternative rock, soul, funk rock, gospel, reggae, jam rock, neofolk (the short list would read ALL OF THEM)
First Impression: It’s a duet
Rating: 4/5

We have all heard of Ben Harper and just by listening to his song “Steal My Kisses” we know he is passionate, an activist and a talented musician. He has three Grammys in the bank along with many other well deserving awards.

It’s the beginning of summer, Half-Christmas is just around the corner and I’m looking forward to spending it drinking mulled wine around a fire while listening to “Heavyhearted World” (A Christmas Song)!

“Learn It All Again Tomorrow” is a foot-stomping good time and is complete with their naturally complimentary vocals, many a duets have been attempted but these two are meant to be. You will get goose bumps listening to his riveting duet, “How Could We Not Believe”. I was curious as to who his duet partner was on this album and after doing my research, I discovered it’s definitely not a significant other… It’s his mother! Being a self proclaimed mama’s boy, HOW COOL IS THAT?!

As I am currently living in a farmer’s paradise in the prairies, “Farmer’s Daughter” really hits home! That old fashioned feeling can be still felt in some cites, and in others the truth of how commercial farming is not doing us any good! Sung entirely by his mother, it is apparent to me where Ben Harper got his talent and passion from.

To me this is a timeless record and has a hint of activism that is just deserved, I can’t wait to listen to again!

#ewestmusic and tell us your thoughts on the album and how you would rate it

Thanks for reading!

Daryl (Drock) Uhrin

Favourite songs:
1 House is a Home
4 Heavyhearted World (Christmas Song)
5 Farmers Daughter
9 Learn It All Again Tomorrow
10 How Could We Not Believe

Other Ben Harper songs:

Similar Artists to Ben Harper:
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My Rating System:

1 – Give it a another listen, it might be your thing
2 – I like a song or two, buy what you like and support the artist
3 – Great band with a lot of talent, buy their album, tweet about it and tell the world
4 – Amazing, listen to it on repeat, every song is good, go see them live and buy the album 5 – New Favourite Album or Band, go buy the LP, see them live, buy a Tshirt and have them sign my bare chest
11 – Because sometimes you need to crank it to 11

Daryl Uhrin

I was introduced to music through headphones on my mother’s womb. I was born with the lyrics of Rocket Man by Elton John on the tip of my tongue, and a strange urge to commit the Crime of the Century by Supertramp. I quickly found my heart belonged with the Punk/Metal/Hardcore scene. I found myself picking out the guitar, bass or drums for hours, being just amazed by the speed, talent and rawness they used to share their story, vision and experiences with us.

Favorite band: Gogol Bordello; no matter your age you will enjoy the diversity

“If the kids all united they would never be divided” -Rancid

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