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First Interview? D-Sisively Awesome.

Hey EWesters!

A week and a half ago I received an email from the lovely Melissa asking if I wanted to take on my first interview, and of course I obliged. It was none other than award-winning, Canadian rapper D-Sisive.

First times for anything are crazy, nerve wracking, and unexpected, but I did everything in my power to make sure I didn’t freak out on camera or blank on my questions. I did the research, the interview watching, the music listening – basically anything that I could, to ensure I was ready for the madness that is going on camera and interviewing someone. “It’s just a conversation.” I had to keep those words in mind when I was preparing. Just a conversation, pretend the camera isn’t there, make eye contact, don’t swear, don’t bite your nails. It’s all going to be okay.

Surprisingly, it did go okay! More than okay, in fact it was the most fun I’ve had talking to someone in a long time. D-Sisive, or Derek Christoff, is a fantastic guy. I wound up having to meet him 4 hours earlier than planned, but everything went smoothly.

Hillarie Wilson and D-Sisive

Hillarie Wilson and D-Sisive (Photo by Kato Ferrer)

This interview is one of the most hilarious things that you will watch this year, I promise. It’s definitely something to look out for this fall on Shaw. D-Sisive will blow your mind with some very unknown facts about Saskatoon, and even some facts about me that I wasn’t even aware of. We had a great conversation, and you will all love it. I promise.

I’m stoked about the launch of EWest Music, and you should be as well. Coming to you on Shaw this fall, and of course, on! Keep checking in on us, as we’ll be delivering content frequently leading up to the launch!

Thank you guys!


Hillarie Wilson

Music can be nostalgic, expressive, and therapeutic. It can be loud and fast paced or quiet and placid. It doesn't matter the genre, music is a part of me. I love the way that music can pin point the exact emotion that I can't quite put into words, or the thought that's on the tip of my tongue. Whether it's the intense beat of Linkin Park or the soothing strums of City and Colour, I rely on music to keep me going.

My playlist goes from pop to punk, country to orchestral - I don't discriminate. The soundtrack to my life is spontaneous and quirky, much like myself.

"Don't resent me, and when you're feeling empty keep me in your memory. Leave out all the rest" - Linkin Park

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