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My First Interview with Powder Blue

My first experience as a music journalist was on June 13, 2014 when I successfully, (albeit nervously), interviewed the all female psychedelic rock band, Powder Blue, for EWest Music. The girls of Powder Blue were definitely a fantastic first band to meet with and experience a field previously unknown to me. The days preceding my conversation with Amber, Shelby and Elsa, (Sonia unfortunately was not able to attend), were a little nerve-racking, but I was always extremely interested in the opportunity and the experience it would offer. To my relief, a few seconds was all it took to put my nerves at ease and the interview quickly became exciting and enjoyable.

At the time I learned I would be interviewing Powder Blue, I was away at Christopher Lake taking a painting course. My biggest worry after learning about the interview was the fact that I would not return to the city until just a few hours before (how would I have time to research… or even shower for that matter!?). The possibility of having someone else conduct the interview did cross my mind, however, almost immediately after hearing Powder Blue’s cover of “Play With Fire”, I knew I wanted the opportunity. By the time I finished listening to the band’s EP album Dream in Black, and discovered that the name of one of their guitarists was Shelby (how cool!), I knew I really (really) wanted the interview. As I quickly fell in love with Powder Blue’s trance-like harmonies and hazy vocals, I vowed to make things work despite how late I might have to stay up to prepare. The rest of my night (or shall I say morning) was spent formulating interview questions with Dream in Black on replay, while trying desperately to prevent the excitement I felt from waking my roommate.

The days leading up to my meeting with Powder Blue were hectic and filled with mixed emotions; however, the actual event itself was over in what seemed like a matter of minutes. Most of the tension I had previously felt disappeared during Tim Henderson’s interview with the band KEN Mode. Not only did seeing an actual interview take place help to erase my fear of the unknown, I was also reassured knowing that the members of KEN Mode were feeling just as nervous. When we finally arrived at the Broadway Theatre, where Powder Blue was playing, everything seemed to fly by. As soon as we made the decision to film the interview in the band dressing room, it felt like only seconds from the time Elsa and I were discussing our boyfriends’ color blindness, to me saying my first few words, before everything was over.

Shelby Lechman Interviewing three of the four members of Powder Blue

Shelby Lechman interviewing three of the four members of Powder Blue (Photo by Melissa Henderson)

Despite how fast I thought the meeting went, from what I can remember it was surprisingly laid back and (not surprisingly) a lot of fun (obviously!). I began the conversation with a question that addressed something that I had initially found very interesting about the band: I longed to know the origins behind the name Powder Blue. Soon a few more questions were asked and I began to think how great a time I was having. This became especially true when Shelby and Amber began to discuss their time touring the UK and Europe. Elsa ended the interview with information regarding some of their upcoming shows, Ness Creek being one of them.

Looking back, I probably could have saved myself a tremendous amount of stress had I known what I know now. The girls from Powder Blue were amazing to chat with and incredibly down to earth. Not only were Amber, Shelby and Elsa a lot of fun to meet, but I also learned I am a lot braver than I previously thought. For someone who is looking at a career as a visual artist and potential curator, my role as a correspondent with EWest Music is certainly providing me with excellent communication and public speaking skills, as well as an alternate outlook on Saskatchewan arts and popular culture.

Shelby Lechman

As is the case for so many others, music for me is something that reawakens past memories and feelings. Some of my earliest experiences that I remember through music are the ones I have travelling to the lake with my dad, singing the lyrics to Charlie Major’s debut album "The Other Side". While music continues to record past moments of mine, over the years it has also become a source of inspiration for me. Music gives me the motivation and creativity to paint, something I thoroughly enjoy. Names such as Christina Perri, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Fleetwood Mac, Andy Shauf, Theophilus London, Powder Blue and Toby Keith all instantly make me want to push some paint around on a blank canvas. It is music’s ability to influence me not only as an artist, but also as a person, that will maintain my love for it throughout my life.

“choose not a life of imitation” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

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