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Ewest Music: Proudly Coming To You From the “Paris of the Prairies”!

The indie music scene is one of great historical success, coming from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, right in the middle of Canada! We are proud that the series was originally established in the same hometown, where the likes of Joni Mitchell and the SheepDogs honed their skills and called home!

Drummer onstage at Buds on Broadway, where bands have been playing for decades! Photo by Anthony Towstego

Drummer onstage at Buds on Broadway, where bands have been playing for decades!
(Photo by Anthony Towstego)

Our central location makes our opportunity to review and seek excellent head-on and up-front interviews and performance footage, outstanding!

Just stay tuned to, there are so many great shows and interviews coming up!!

Anthony J. Towstego

Anthony J. Towstego

CEO and President, Thomega Entertainment Inc., Entertainment West, Anthony's career has spanned four decades. As a producer of feature films, dramatic television series and documentaries, all of which have been nationally and internationally distributed, he is best known for his dedication to producing historical stories of compelling human interest and compassion. Anthony’s efforts have been recognized through many awards and accolades throughout the years. As a past producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and then independently producing, his work continues to grow and enrich audiences throughout the world, especially as he embarks on a digital media platform enterprise, soon to be a well established brand on the internet in all corners of the globe, and

“The Secret to life is enjoying the passage of Time” - James Taylor

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