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jacksoul: A World of Love in Too Short a Time

You never know when a conversation could change your life.

Well heck, you never know when anything will come along and change your life. You could be walking down the street and BAM! A pigeon lands on your head… Ta-Daaah! A new pet! (Now I know what you are all thinking and no, I do not have a pet pigeon… Two tigers and one pigeon? That just wouldn’t be fair.)

But that my friends is a topic for another time. For now, let’s focus on Music. And Love. And Love of Music. And Music in Love. And Love in Music. And the Music Man we all Love: Haydain Neale, frontman of the band jacksoul.

In 2005, Saskatoon’s Jazz Festival brought the multi Juno award-winning group jacksoul to its Bess Gardens MainStage. In the lead up to his concert and my interview with him, I got my hands on a copy of his latest album Resurrected (2004), which my brother and I then listened to on repeat for weeks prior to the show and months afterwards. There is no better way to put it, jacksoul was the soundtrack to my life during the Spring, Summer and Fall of ’05. We loved everything about that album, every song, every lyric, and every beat. I think it’s safe to say that every bit of love that jacksoul poured into it, we absorbed.

Let me tell you, although others may beg to differ, in my opinion there is NOTHING wrong with us two, half-tone-deaf people singing along to I Still Believe In Love, in our best falsettos. (Especially with lyrics like: “Don’t let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out“).

I consider it an honour to have had the opportunity to not only meet Haydain Neale, but for him to share with me, (and all of us Ewest-ers) some of his humour and how jacksoul is all about making LOVE COOL AGAIN… That is something I will take with me for the rest of my life.

Haydain Neale.
You are so very missed and loved!

Thank you for putting so much of yourself and your passion into something tangible that the world and generation upon generation of fans will not only come to love, but will indefinitely discover so much about themselves by listening to your music. The world is a richer and more beautiful place for having had your love, heart and soul shared with us through your talent.

From jacksoul‘s final album (2009)

Be sure to check out our jacksoul interview in our Vintage Vault, and see for yourself that when you do what you love, you have the potential to change the world!


-Lovin’ Life, One Day at a Time

Melissa Henderson

Much like a scent can evoke an emotional response or memory, upon hearing any song off Michael Jackson's Dangerous album, I am instantly transported 23 years in the past and I find myself driving through the Black Forest with my family off on an adventure!

Throughout life's journey I have been developing into this current version of myself, and have noticed that above all my taste in music has best reflected who I feel I am.

Listen in on my life soundtrack and you will find a range of genres from Punk to Metal to Christian to Disney, easily summing up who I am as Loud, Happy and Animated!

"My greatest gift to you
is a dance floor
free from insecurity"

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