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KEN Mode Interview 2014

So I was pretty stoked once I found out my first EWest Music interview of 2014 would be with Noise-Rock band KEN mode!! I didn’t know much about them, so I started researching online and cruising all over town looking for their albums. I finally tracked down their “Entrench” album at The Vinyl Exchange, and my travels were totally worth it! Not only did I get a feel for their music, but I became an instant fan.

We headed down to Rock Bottom and scouted some potential shooting locations. The staff was more than helpful, and made sure that we had the room to setup.

Once the day came, we showed up early, and watched as KEN mode went through their sound checking process.

KEN mode getting things tuned during their soundcheck

KEN mode getting things tuned during their soundcheck (Photo by Melissa Henderson)

Once they had finished, we introduced ourselves and the four of us all crammed into a little brick corner. We talked a bit about how the newest member Skot, (a local Saskatoonian!), was fitting in and he gave us his perspective on working with Jesse and Shane. I asked them what they thought was the key to their success in the music industry, and then they talked a bit about what we can expect from their new “Success” album.

Tim Henderson with Juno Award winning band, KEN mode

Tim Henderson with Juno Award winning band, KEN mode (Photo by Melissa Henderson)

For a Juno Award winning band, the members of KEN mode were extremely humble and down to earth. It was awesome to meet with them one on one and to get a feel for what their music is all about!

After the cameras stopped rolling, I chatted with them again to see what the rest of their night would look like. Shane was nice enough to graphically explain how they would be sitting around waiting to get started, (hopefully things picked up!!) I bought a copy of their “Venerable” album from Jesse, and I even got it signed.

All in all, it was a complete success! Jesse, Shane, and Skot all killed it in the interview, and I can’t wait until they roll through town again!

Tim Henderson

To me, music can't be replaced by anything else! I have a serious respect for almost all art forms, but only music can convey an emotion or feeling through sound alone. Of course we all have our favorite genres, and everyone hears music differently. I enjoy everything from Classical, to EDM, to Bluegrass, to Hard Hitting Death Metal! I basically enjoy any form that requires talent.

"I'll look back with honour and no regrets
I won't be mad, won't feel bad
These memories will never leave me"

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