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A Peek into the Banff World Media Festival!

EWest Music is proud to be part of the media covering this years Banff World Media Festival! The delegates lounge was buzzing with micro meetings and all discussion seemed to be about multi-platform and digital landscapes.


EWest Music has arrived in Banff! (Photo by Melissa Henderson)

Today presented so many thought-provoking and engaging panels with discussions of new trends in all things media. What we have learned: EWest Music is perfectly skewed to Millenials! BAM! What a time to revitalize the brand!

Melissa Henderson and Anthony Towstego at the Banff World Media Festival

Melissa Henderson and Anthony Towstego at the Banff World Media Festival (Photo by Melissa Henderson)

For the first time Canadian content is getting on Canadian screens!! Not just television screens… I’m talking about THE BIG SCREENS! (This is due to the increased accessibility of independent movie screens.)

Everywhere I looked I saw representatives from Lionsgate, Netflix, Comcast, Shaw, Google, Yahoo, (haha, not that I’m name dropping, but that is literally just to name a few!)

The presence of so many representing the Saskatchewan film industry, including Creative Saskatchewan and SMPIA fills me with joy, as this can only mean one thing: MANY up and coming Saskatchewan productions! For example, be sure to check out the Regina production WolfCop in a Cineplex theatre near you!

WolfCop! In Cineplex Theatres Now!

WolfCop! In Cineplex Theatres Now! (Photo by Melissa Henderson)

And to cap it all off? EWest Music attended the Shaw Media sponsored Rockie Awards Gala followed by live music in the Rundle Lounge.


What a day!!! WHAT AN EXPERIENCE!!! And let me tell you, this is but the first of so many more Banff World Media Festivals for EWest Music!

Be sure to check out our site for an indepth article later this week on this years Banff World Media Festival!

From Saskatoon to Drumheller to Banff, impromptu singing, our driving playlist, our stop in Canada’s Grand Canyon, to arriving in Banff and being whisked from place to person to mountain… And beyond!

Good Night from the Banff World Media Festival

Good Night from the Banff World Media Festival (Photo by Melissa Henderson)

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Melissa Henderson

Much like a scent can evoke an emotional response or memory, upon hearing any song off Michael Jackson's Dangerous album, I am instantly transported 23 years in the past and I find myself driving through the Black Forest with my family off on an adventure!

Throughout life's journey I have been developing into this current version of myself, and have noticed that above all my taste in music has best reflected who I feel I am.

Listen in on my life soundtrack and you will find a range of genres from Punk to Metal to Christian to Disney, easily summing up who I am as Loud, Happy and Animated!

"My greatest gift to you
is a dance floor
free from insecurity"

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