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The Proposal

You know, I had a huge layout for this article in my mind, basically surrounding a discussion about the true love that is normally only found in the movies, and how as a girl, I have always held on to the dream that a man would come along and sweep me off my feet. That all comes down make-believe though. Give me the real thing any day, it beats a made up story hands down!

Have any doubts about that? Allow me to try and sway your mind. It just so happens that I have personal, real-life evidence of this, but you don’t have to take my word for it, you can watch and judge for yourself!

Go back and read the title of the article.

And then click on this link.

If the video fails to make you believe that true love does actually exist, maybe you could spend it’s duration counting the times I say “Oh My Gosh!” instead. I have not yet done so myself, but I’ll bet it’s upwards of 70. Annoying? Perhaps. How would you handle the biggest and best thing to happen to you though? I always figured I would be more articulate! HAHA!

How did I possibly get to be the luckiest girl in the world? I not only get to marry the man of my dreams, but he finds a new way every day to sweep me off my feet.

Lovin’ Life One Day at a Time

Melissa Henderson

Much like a scent can evoke an emotional response or memory, upon hearing any song off Michael Jackson's Dangerous album, I am instantly transported 23 years in the past and I find myself driving through the Black Forest with my family off on an adventure!

Throughout life's journey I have been developing into this current version of myself, and have noticed that above all my taste in music has best reflected who I feel I am.

Listen in on my life soundtrack and you will find a range of genres from Punk to Metal to Christian to Disney, easily summing up who I am as Loud, Happy and Animated!

"My greatest gift to you
is a dance floor
free from insecurity"

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