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Aaron Carter: All Grown Up

June 4, 2015

Aaron Carter went from singing about candy and crushes to singing about wanting just a little bit more than candy and crushing hearts. His teeny bopper days are clearly over, however, he still puts on a lively show. On Thursday night, Aaron performed solo at the O’Brian’s Event Centre here in Saskatoon, and definitely made quite the impression on all of the concert goers. While he didn’t sing any of the music that made him a star, he did perform some of his newer songs, and even did a cover of Naughty Boy and Sam Smith’s “La La La”. For those of us who hadn’t kept up with him over the past few (or ten) years, we definitely had an eye opening evening.


Mr. Carter’s sweet voice is still as gorgeous as ever, as well as his signature smile and charm, but the content of his songs has changed, just as any other artist’s music would while growing up. Many of his songs are about budding romance and intimacy, some are decidedly a little bit explicit in lyrics, but something to jam out to nonetheless.

Aaron put on a very interactive show, getting the audience to clap, chant, and dance along to his setlist. He was especially friendly with the younger audience members, bringing a little girl onstage and twirling her around while serenading her. She wasn’t the only lucky lady to be brought on stage with him; a young woman was gestured onto the stage to dance with Mr. Heartthrob himself, and she made the most of her time on stage, getting as close to him as she could.


The major downside to the show was the setlist length; Aaron was only performing for about 45 minutes, with a DJ playing before the show from about 7-8:30. Regardless of length, the show’s content was worth while and a lot of fun.

After the show, Aaron had a meet and greet with VIP fans that purchased a package with their tickets, but also took the time to say hi to the group (including myself) hanging out behind the venue when he was finished. Although I didn’t get to interview him, I did mention the overwhelming presence of cameras and selfie-taking girls surrounding him, and I asked if it ever bothered him any. He told me that he has grown up with it and he’s become very accustomed to it, and that it doesn’t bother him at all.

Overall, it was a super enjoyable evening, and Aaron Carter is a genuinely nice guy, full of lyrics that are constructed specially to swoon.

-Hillarie Wilson

Hillarie Wilson

Music can be nostalgic, expressive, and therapeutic. It can be loud and fast paced or quiet and placid. It doesn't matter the genre, music is a part of me. I love the way that music can pin point the exact emotion that I can't quite put into words, or the thought that's on the tip of my tongue. Whether it's the intense beat of Linkin Park or the soothing strums of City and Colour, I rely on music to keep me going.

My playlist goes from pop to punk, country to orchestral - I don't discriminate. The soundtrack to my life is spontaneous and quirky, much like myself.

"Don't resent me, and when you're feeling empty keep me in your memory. Leave out all the rest" - Linkin Park

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