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The parent company, Entertainment West, (which includes EWest Music, media, television and film and ewesttv divisions), was founded in 2002 and the first 49 episodes started broadcasting in North America, (via satellite), by accomplished television and film producer Anthony J.Towstego and a very dedicated team of correspondents and crew!

The on-going series, (with performance and music video segments), is a showcase for the viewer including both our vintage content and current interviews and performances with seasoned artists, providing our avid and sophisticated audience exactly what it is seeking: a high quality and powerful musical escape.

EWest Music offers live performances and candid personal interviews. Past EWest Music vintage vault segments have included exclusive interviews with Nickleback, Our Lady Peace, Jacksoul, K-OS, Deana Carter, Wynona Judd, Blue Rodeo, 50 Cent, Snow, Metallica and Tom Cochrane, just to name a few! As well as upcoming segments featuring musicians such as Billy Idol, Hedley, Def Leppard and hundreds more… Every genre from Folk, Country, Jazz to Rock, there is something for every music lover’s taste… So stay tuned!

A little bit of EWest Music trivia: The original series was shot in CBC studios with two dynamic studio hosts and over twenty location correspondents in Canada . Today, our correspondents and reviewers are covering interviews and performances from all over the world!

As Tom Petty says “the future is wide open”.

Anthony J. Towstego

CEO and President, Thomega Entertainment Inc., Entertainment West, Anthony's career has spanned four decades. As a producer of feature films, dramatic television series and documentaries, all of which have been nationally and internationally distributed, he is best known for his dedication to producing historical stories of compelling human interest and compassion. Anthony’s efforts have been recognized through many awards and accolades throughout the years. As a past producer with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and then independently producing, his work continues to grow and enrich audiences throughout the world, especially as he embarks on a digital media platform enterprise, soon to be a well established brand on the internet in all corners of the globe, and

“The Secret to life is enjoying the passage of Time” - James Taylor

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