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With This Promo, We Thee (Re)Launch

And we’re off!! With a BAM and a BANG and a CHECK US OUT!

With the launch of this EWest Music promo video, we have officially soft-launched our EWest Music website and social media!

So watch the video!
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Let’s get the word out to the world and make EWest Music a household name!

Melissa Henderson

Much like a scent can evoke an emotional response or memory, upon hearing any song off Michael Jackson's Dangerous album, I am instantly transported 23 years in the past and I find myself driving through the Black Forest with my family off on an adventure!

Throughout life's journey I have been developing into this current version of myself, and have noticed that above all my taste in music has best reflected who I feel I am.

Listen in on my life soundtrack and you will find a range of genres from Punk to Metal to Christian to Disney, easily summing up who I am as Loud, Happy and Animated!

"My greatest gift to you
is a dance floor
free from insecurity"

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