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Beck – Morning Phase

Artist: Beck
Album: Morning Phase
Genres: Alternative, Anti-Folk (Anti-Folk? Apparently so, however he is very Folk to me)
First Impression: This is enjoyable
Rating: 4/5

In a fast paced world it is important to take the time to kick back, turn on the coffee, make some food, eat it outside while the sun is coming up and enjoy Becks new album Morning Phase, and you will quickly discover that you want this to become your new morning routine.

Beck (Bek David Campbell) has been entranced by music since he was 17 after hearing that one song that changed his life. Inspired by Sonic Youth & Grandmaster Flash you can easily imagine the awesome sounds to come. He started his career playing at local coffee shops and clubs and the rest is history.

This one man band has turned out hit after hit and has two albums (Odelay & Sea of Change) on the Rolling Stones list of 500 Greatest Albums. He has a way of taking experimental music and ideas and making it mainstream. Beck is the definition of a musician that makes the music magical, and will most definitely inspire generations to come.

I think there needs to be music for every part of the day and this is my new morning album. This cleverly orchestrated album includes subtle synth, attention to detail and a original country twang that will have you excited to wake up again & again and again, even if you have to take a day nap to fit in all the extra waking up!

I have been a closet Beck fan for years and, (not that I didn’t want to come out), it’s just that his music was always with me and he is one of those artists that I thought everyone knew about it!

Now there’s no excuse to not tell us what you think!

#ewestmusic – Let us in on your thoughts and how you would rate Morning Phase.

Thank you for taking the time to read my first ever review that I have formed from brain-thoughts to published-thoughts!

This is Daryl (Drock) Uhrin signing off

Favourite songs on Morning Phase:
2 Morning
3 Heart is a drum
4 Say Goodbye
12 Country Down
13 Waking Light

Other Beck songs:

Artists similar to Beck:
M Ward
Chad Vangaalen

My Rating System:
1 – Give it a another listen it might be your thing
2 – I like a song or two, buy what you like and support the artist
3 – Great band with a lot of talent buy their album, tweet about it and tell the world
4 – Amazing, listen to it on repeat every song is good, go see them live and buy the album
5 – New favourite album or band, go buy the LP, see them live, buy a t-shirt and have them sign my bare chest
11 – Because sometimes you need to crank it to 11

Daryl Uhrin

I was introduced to music through headphones on my mother’s womb. I was born with the lyrics of Rocket Man by Elton John on the tip of my tongue, and a strange urge to commit the Crime of the Century by Supertramp. I quickly found my heart belonged with the Punk/Metal/Hardcore scene. I found myself picking out the guitar, bass or drums for hours, being just amazed by the speed, talent and rawness they used to share their story, vision and experiences with us.

Favorite band: Gogol Bordello; no matter your age you will enjoy the diversity

“If the kids all united they would never be divided” -Rancid

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