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Can’t wait to get started!

When I started high school I had dreams of being a part of the television production world, and that dream now starts at Ewest Music ! I’m honoured to be part of the new EWest producion team! Also really hyped to help in delivering new and interesting content to everyone online and to our broadcast viewers this fall, being a part of the process of this is very exciting! I am equally pumped to see the cool content to the vintage vaults. I’m so eager for the new site to launch, and to bring everyone awesome content, the world over!

Kato Ferrer

There are a lot of things that you can taste, and smell that can bring back different emotions and moods. For me music works the same way. What ever mood I'm in there's always a song I'm my music library that just fits. When ever I'm at a martial arts tournament there's always a song to hype me up, and when I'm feeling down there's always something to brighten my day.

If one were to listen to the soundtrack to my life they would find a lot of hip hop/ rap, quit a bit of R&B, and a little sprinkle of rock here and there.

"Day dreaming this real world
They be living that fake life
I take life and I go fast
I don't see no break lights"
-OCD: Moosh & Twist

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