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Ashley Vols

Ashley Vols

It’s one of those crazy things, music is!  Spanning cultures and generations, the cliché tells of music as something that everyone can relate to, and it’s correct. Many of us secretly danced alone in our rooms to our parent’s old Queen records.  We weren’t just young fans listening passively to our favourite songs; we were becoming the very identity of the music we all enjoyed.  Unlike the mysteries of Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy, the essence of a good tune doesn’t lose it’s magic with age.  As any true music enthusiast, my listening range spans from left to right and past to present with the likes of Bob Dylan, Donovan, Beach House, Mac Demarco, The Velvet Underground, Tegan and Sara, Justin Townes Earl and Alabama Shakes.  Keep it real and enjoy!

“Why wait any longer for the world to begin
You can have your cake and eat it too.” –Bob Dylan, Lay Lady Lay

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