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David Gray – Mutineers

Artist: David Gray
Album: Mutineers
Genre: Folk Rock
First Impression: How have I not… (fill in the blank, that’s how I feel)
Rating: 5/5

Today I found an artist I purposely didn’t listen to because I was stuck in my “Only my music is allowed, mine is better, yours is on the radio so it must not be that good” bubble.

David Gray is a musician, songwriter and producer from Sale, England. He has been nominated for four Brit Awards, (to me these nominees are the artists who inspire the winners and without their inspiration you do not have any music).

I’ve listened to every song on David Gray’s new album Mutineers about 50 times.

I feel very lucky to have opened my eyes to his fresh, original sound that is now very familiarly David Gray. I’m reminded of Coldplay, Tracy Chapman and even Minus the Bear on “Girl like you” and Elliott Brood in “Last Summer”.

I’m a big fan of music, most especially when it makes you feel, think and appreciate something new each listen… And if you enjoy drums then you will be pleased to note that this album highlights percussion in a fantastic way.

Now I don’t know much about David Gray, I’m not even aware if he’s on the Billboard Top 100. I say this only because if you haven’t heard of him or stopped following him then YOU need to hear this album. I find it almost impossible to pick a favourite song. I’m pretty sure there are even bird sounds in “Birds of the High Arctic“. I know there was an incredible amount of thought and detail put into this album. (And I’m happy to say that the trendy Great Gatsby style horns that seem to be all the rage these days are notably absent.)

#EWestMusic and tell us your thoughts on the album and how you would rate it!

Thanks for reading,
Daryl (Drock) Uhrin

Favourite songs:
Show in Vegas
Cake and Eat It
The Incredible
Girls Like You

Other David Gray songs:

Similar Artists:
Counting Crows
Dave Matthews Band

My Rating System:
1 – Give it another listen, it might be your thing
2 – I like a song or two, buy what you like and support the artist
3 – Great band with a lot of talent, buy their album, tweet about it and tell the world
4 – Amazing, listen to it on repeat, every song is good, go see them live and buy the album
5 – New favourite album or band, go buy the LP, see them live, buy a t-shirt and have them sign my bare chest
11 – Because sometimes you need to crank it to 11

Daryl Uhrin

I was introduced to music through headphones on my mother’s womb. I was born with the lyrics of Rocket Man by Elton John on the tip of my tongue, and a strange urge to commit the Crime of the Century by Supertramp. I quickly found my heart belonged with the Punk/Metal/Hardcore scene. I found myself picking out the guitar, bass or drums for hours, being just amazed by the speed, talent and rawness they used to share their story, vision and experiences with us.

Favorite band: Gogol Bordello; no matter your age you will enjoy the diversity

“If the kids all united they would never be divided” -Rancid

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