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Handguns – Life Lessons

Artist: Handguns
Album: Life Lessons
Genre: Pop Punk
First Impression: This is actually happening in my ear holes
Rating: 5/5

The song “Queens” instantly transports me to two places at once with my best friends. The first I find myself on a couch looking down a paved incline with two skate boards underneath, and the second I’m onstage performing in a indoor skate park jumping off a half pipe in mid-verse. “I’m not afraid of being jumped at midnight because I’d force my ghost to follow them home for a fight” – (Queens)

Growing up we listened to Blink 182, MEST and New Found Glory and from them memories were born and inspired and possibly stolen. (I am reminded of my friends and I hitching a ride on the back of a bus, (sometimes giving a XXX show in front), pool hopping, and sneaking out at midnight just to laugh and talk on the city’s rooftops)

I can relate to their song “I Can’t Relate” as it was pretty much exactly how we felt, doing what we wanted, when we wanted and if we failed then we’d try it six more times. “I never believed in what society told me and I don’t think that we’ll ever change” – (I Can’t Relate)

This album is so well done it made me want to revert to my childhood and do all of the things that made life fun at the time. I hope it inspires today’s generations of kids to get outside and make the new friends that you didn’t even know existed!

For me music is all about the feelings that are brought out by each song and I am overwhelmed by this album “Life Lessons”. For once in my life I’m not jealous of musicians being musicians and I want to play it loud and clear for everyone to hear!

If you have been waiting for an album to pick up where you left off when you were 17 with the bands you substituted along the way, this is it.

I can’t wait for these guys to come to a city nearby so we can have a chat… And a food fight! (No joke, bring goggles, as relish in your eyeball really does sting!)

I feel like witheach review I write, you will learn a little bit more about me and how music made me who I am today. These reviews might just become the Soundtrack to My Life.

I like to write and then learn about the band, so after doing some research it’s of no surprise that they are on Pure Noise Records with the likes of FOUR YEAR STRONG and REGGIE AND THE $&@!’ing FULL EFFECT!

#EWestMusic and tell us your thoughts on the album and how you would rate it!

Thanks for reading,
Daryl (Drock) Uhrin

Favourite songs:

1. Anvil
2. Sleep Deprived
3. Highway Robbery
4. Heart Vs. Head
5. I Can’t Relate
6. The Loved Ones Who Hate Us
7. Queens
8. Give And Take
9. Waiting For Your Ghost
10. New Years Resolutions

Handguns video:

Full Album (limited time only)

Similar Artists:

Set your Goals
Four Year Strong
Blink 182
New Found Glory
The Starting Line

My Rating System:
1 – Give it another listen, it might be your thing
2 – I like a song or two, buy what you like and support the artist
3 – Great band with a lot of talent, buy their album, tweet about it and tell the world
4 – Amazing, listen to it on repeat, every song is good, go see them live and buy the album
5 – New favourite album or band, go buy the LP, see them live, buy a t-shirt and have them sign my bare chest
11 – Because sometimes you need to crank it to 11

Daryl Uhrin

I was introduced to music through headphones on my mother’s womb. I was born with the lyrics of Rocket Man by Elton John on the tip of my tongue, and a strange urge to commit the Crime of the Century by Supertramp. I quickly found my heart belonged with the Punk/Metal/Hardcore scene. I found myself picking out the guitar, bass or drums for hours, being just amazed by the speed, talent and rawness they used to share their story, vision and experiences with us.

Favorite band: Gogol Bordello; no matter your age you will enjoy the diversity

“If the kids all united they would never be divided” -Rancid

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